photo of tim farley

Software Engineer

with leadership experience

I’m a seasoned, front-end-focused, full-stack software engineer with experience in technical leadership and people management. I love building new features, designing and evolving systems, and cultivating processes and culture that make teams productive and happy.

I’ve been working remotely for over a decade.

I have extensive experience with the following tools and technologies:

  • React, Redux, HTML/CSS/JS

  • React Native

  • TypeScript, JS → TS codebase migration

  • Headless CMS and Modular Design Systems, Storybook

  • Node.js, Express, Postgres

I'm also quite familiar with:

  • A/B Testing and Feature-Flag driven development

  • Distributed/Microservice Architecture

  • Figma

  • Accessibility

  • Custom WordPress theming (PHP and MySQL)

  • Python, Java

  • Digital video editing and compression for the web

If I’m not working on web projects, I’m probably riding my mountain bike, hiking, trail-running, or spending time with my family.

After years of travel, I'm now based in my hometown of Mechanicsburg, PA.

About this website

View my résumé here. Or a condensed version here.